Woman and her lover ‘strangle’ her husband’s parents NRI in Tanda village: India Tribune

Sanjiv Bakshi

Hoshiarpur, January 2

In a shocking incident, a woman, whose husband lives abroad, allegedly killed her stepfather and stepmother, residents of Jaja village in Tanda sub-tehsil, and set their homes on fire. body in the village on Saturday evening. . The woman allegedly strangled and stabbed them with the help of her “lover”, who is said to be a granthi in a gurdwara in Data village.

The woman attempted to portray the case as robbery and murder, but during the police investigation and based on circumstantial evidence, the case was exposed. The police arrested the woman and the granthi after they registered a murder case against them. Her husband, Ravinder, moved to Portugal soon after her marriage, said he even warned Mandeep against her affair, but she ignored him and continued to threaten to kill her parents.

The accused was angry with her in-laws for creating an obstacle in her extramarital affair with the granthi. The woman attempted to portray the case as robbery and murder, but during the police investigation and circumstantial evidence the case was exposed. The police arrested the woman and the granthi after they registered a murder case against them.

According to reports, at around 11:15 p.m. on January 1, Tanda police received reports that an elderly couple had been murdered in their own home in Jaja village and their bodies were set on fire.

DSP Raj Kumar and Tanda SHO Surjit Singh Police Station rushed to their home and found the flames in the bedroom of Subedar Manjit Singh (56) (retired) and his wife Gurmeet Kaur (52) and their bodies. were badly burned. At that time, Ravinder Singh, son of the victim, and his wife Mandeep Kaur were present in the house.

According to the DSP, the victim’s son, Ravinder Singh, told him that he lives in Portugal and that he has been coming to his house these days. On January 1, he left the house at around 11 a.m. and returned at around 10:15 p.m. On his return, the door to the house was locked from the inside and he somehow entered the house by jumping over the wall and found that the door to the hall of the house was locked from the inside and smoke was visible inside.

He broke the door inside and saw that his wife Mandeep Kaur was strapped to a chair with a cloth in the room, but as soon as she touched the cloth to open it, the cloth came loose. Then he went to his parents ‘room and saw that the door to his parents’ room was closed. When he opened the door, he saw that there was a fire inside and his parents’ bodies were on fire.

When he questioned Mandeep, she told him that at around 4 p.m., three people entered the house and tied her to a chair in her bedroom and closed the door. She said the trio started the fire.

Ravinder said he moved to Portugal shortly after his marriage. After a few days there, he learned that his wife spoke to an unidentified person daily late at night on the phone for hours. Ravinder even warned Mandeep against his affair, but she simply ignored him. They even had several disputes about it. Ravinder said Mandeep continued to threaten to kill his parents and because of this warning he came to India on December 7 last year.

According to the DSP, it turned out that one door from the bathroom adjoining Mandeep’s bedroom opens into the bedroom and the other into the hall, both unlocked. In this regard, a thorough investigation was carried out and the circumstantial evidence did not match the story told by her.

Given the sensitivity of the case, Hoshiarpur SSP Kulwant Singh Heer formed a team, led by SP (Hqs) Ashwini Kumar, comprising DSP (D) Sarabjit Rai, Inspector Balwinder Pal and Inspector Karnail, and ordered a full investigation. The team and Tanda SHO SI Surjit Singh attended the scene and investigated and resolved the murder case within hours.

According to the DSP, during the investigation, it emerged that Jasmeet Singh, who was originally a resident of Sanghar village in Amritsar, worked as a granthi in a gurdwara in Data village, had a history of love with Mandeep. Mandeep viewed his stepmother and stepfather as an obstacle to his affair. Therefore, after her husband left the house at 11 a.m., she called her lover at home and killed them both, then set the corpses on fire in order to destroy the evidence. After the incident, they both stole jewelry from the house, Jasmeet took them with him and the police recovered them.

The DSP said that after filing a complaint for murder, destruction of evidence and theft, the two defendants were arrested. He said Mandeep Kaur admitted that on November 23, she stole around 150 grams of gold with her lover Jasmeet from her maternal home in Doburji village. A case was registered in this regard at the Tanda police station.

The DSP stated that the knife used in the incident, a motorcycle and gold bracelets, chains with a medallion, a chain with a medallion, gold rings, diamond rings, earrings, tops in diamond and Rs 45,000 had been recovered from the accused.

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