White House: Late Indiana congresswoman ‘leading’ in Biden flub | New

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden sought out late Rep. Jackie Walorski on Wednesday during remarks at a hunger conference, saying “Where’s Jackie?” The White House press secretary later said the congresswoman had been “a priority” for the president at the time.

Karine Jean-Pierre failed to acknowledge that Biden misspoke during his remarks at the White House conference on hunger, nutrition and health when he looked around Walorski, the congresswoman for the ‘Indiana died in a car accident in August.

Biden, in his remarks. praised bipartisan lawmakers who have worked on ending child hunger, including Rep. Jim McGovern, Sen. Mike Braun, Sen. Cory Booker and Walorski, who was considered a leader on the issue before her death.

“Where’s Jackie?” Biden said, suggesting he expected her to be there.

Jean-Pierre was repeatedly asked during Wednesday’s White House press conference about Biden’s flub, saying more than a dozen times that Walorski was “a priority” for the president, who plans to meet the congresswoman’s family at an event Friday when he signs a bill renaming a veterans clinic in Indiana after her. She declined to say Biden made a mistake, or apologized to the late lawmaker’s family.

“My answer is definitely not going to change,” she told reporters. “You may all have opinions on how I answer it, but I’m answering the question how he saw it and how we see it.”

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