Village of Elkton names walking trail, still seeking donations

The Village of Elkton has some updates for its new walking trail.

At the village council meeting in September, the village agreed on a name for the walking trail, calling it the Elkton Community Walking Trail.

“How could we not name it that?” Agnes Kosinski, clerk and treasurer of Elkton, said. “So many families and businesses have been key in this effort and have been involved. So many people have come forward to help the project with donations and other factors.

The path is expected to be built next year in Ackerman Memorial Park. The path is planned to be wide enough for several walkers at a time in the middle of the park, near the baseball diamond, tennis courts and the pavilion. The village also plans to build benches and a fitness area with the footpath as well.

Currently, the council is awaiting final state approval of the engineers’ grants to start the project. The village continues to receive donations and sell commemorative bricks. Residents can donate money and have their names put on a donor wall in the park. So far there have been $47,700 in donations and $14,950 in brick sales.

Additionally, Agri-Valley Communications and CoBank donated $10,000 for the project.

“Little has changed yet,” Kosinski said. “We are waiting for that approval, which we will then pass from there. We hope to start construction by spring.

For more information on the trail or to donate, contact the Village of Elkton or visit the city’s website.

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