Van Vliet wants the design of the salt storage building to be kept in-house

Leo Van Vliet says Welland should keep things in-house when it comes to designing a new sand and salt storage facility.

On Tuesday, Ward 2 Councilor said he could not support a staff report awarding a consultant $21,500 to conduct a survey, preliminary design work and prepare tender documents for the facility to be built in the public works yard on Federal Road.

The building – the city has budgeted $100,000 for its construction – would be at the south end of the yard and have a motorized security gate.

Frank Pearson, acting director of operations and facility development, said the city couldn’t just grab another design for a salt and sand storage facility.

Pearson said the consultant would determine the type of storage facility the city would need and all he would come up with would be an engineering design.

Van Vliet said when he built a garage for his son, he needed an engineering design construction drawing and was able to get one from a working contractor.

“There are designs out there. We shouldn’t have to pay anyone. We should be able to get one from the area (Niagara),” Van Vliet said.

The councilor said city staff would provide information to the consultant throughout the process and he believed the work could be kept in-house.

District 2 Com. David McLeod asked that the report be sent back to city staff to hear what they had to say.

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