Uvalde sheriff says he will testify before Texas House committee about response to Robb shooting

Lawmakers sent a letter to Sheriff Ruben Nolasco on Wednesday afternoon saying he refused to cooperate.

SAN ANTONIO — A day after the committee of Texas lawmakers investigating the Robb Elementary mass shooting sent a letter to the Uvalde County sheriff trying to compel him to testify, he now tells KENS 5 that he plans to participate via Zoom in the next committee hearing on Monday.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Ruben Nolasco commented on the Texas House committee’s claims that he had refused to participate so far.

“I believed it was inappropriate to participate in the Texas House Committee of Investigation’s Critical Incident Review,” a statement provided Thursday read, with Nolasco going on to say that he sought to “avoid undermining the ‘business integrity’.

The sheriff adds that his office has “cooperated to the fullest extent possible” with separate criminal investigations by the Texas Department of Public Safety and the FBI, saying he will do the same with the legislative review “to the extent where they do not jeopardize criminal security. investigation.”

The State House committee interviewed more than 20 people, including officers who were at the scene, behind closed doors for several weeks.

This follows testimony last month in which Colonel Steven McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, told the state Senate that the police response was a “dismal failure”. He blamed Chief Pete Arredondo in particular, saying that as on-scene commander, the Uvalde Schools Police Chief made “terrible decisions” and stopped officers from confronting the shooter sooner.

Arredondo tried to defend his actions, told the Texas Tribune that he did not see himself as the commander in charge of operations and that he assumed that someone else had taken control of the law enforcement response. He said he didn’t have his police and campus radios, but used his cell phone to call tactical gear, a sniper and keys to the classroom.

Demands for answers about what happened at Robb Elementary on May 24 spiked Wednesday when a damning new report was released concluding that law enforcement missed multiple opportunities to arrest the shooter and potentially save lives.


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