Upcoming Bamboo Village in Himachal’s Una District: La Tribune India


Shimla, November 7

A “bamboo village” will be established in the Una district of Himachal Pradesh as part of the national bamboo mission with an initial cost of 1.17 crore rupees with technical assistance from the company “Bamboo India ”, based in Pune, to manufacture a variety of products from this material.

The village would go up to the village of Boul on 24 canals to promote in the state of the hills.

“A career in bamboo crafts would help many artisans achieve their dreams in Hill State as the state government decided to establish the first bamboo village in Una District with the aim of improve living conditions in remote areas using natural resources, ”officials said. noted.

“The project aims to improve the livelihoods of unemployed rural youth by providing them with vocational training in the art of making fans, furniture, trash cans, tea cups, wall hangings, pieces of furniture. ‘exhibition, flowerpots, etc. using locally available bamboo, which help to increase their income, ”said State Agriculture Minister Virender Kanwar.

He said the state government will organize free bamboo handicraft training camps for around 500 villagers / youth to enable local artisans to adapt their creativity to market demands and achieve better price for their products, and also set up a unit for manufacturing bamboo items / furniture in solid golden color, affordable and fancy.

The state government has also selected an oxygen-releasing hybrid bamboo tree species named “Beema Bamboo” to be planted using a scientific method to get the most out of the oxygen. An “oxygen park” with Beema bamboo will be established with an estimated cost of around Rs 40 lakh in the same village.

The government has contacted the Pune-based company, which has rich experience and is already engaged in setting up oxygen parks in many parts of India, for technical assistance, an official said.

The state government has planned a massive bamboo plantation to obtain raw materials all year round. Local farmers will receive free bamboo seeds, while the bamboo will be planted on open and barren land as part of the National Bamboo Mission. IANS

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