The village of Deeda Sansian takes a liking to Pablo Escobar: The Tribune India

Residents of the village of Deeda Sansian know the meaning of the phrase very well – you can get rid of the monkey, but the circus will never leave town. The hamlet has gained notoriety for the fact that one in two households sells drugs. Interestingly, no one in the area uses drugs. They just sell the drug, make a profit, buy more and resell. The Deeda Sansian Circus has been around for decades. In one case, four generations have been in the drug trade. Three generations are common. The neighboring hamlet of Awankha is Deeda’s first cousin. Here, too, contraband is sold openly. The villagers know the rules of the game. They are sure that if they are caught with a small amount of drugs, the lax excise laws will come to their rescue. Conversely, if taken with a high dose, they are liable to prosecution under the strict NDPS law. Therefore, they always keep a small amount while the bigger one is hidden somewhere on the outskirts. Last week, IG (Border range) Mohnish Chawla decided to take matters into their own hands. He led a team and attacked the village. Insiders say that a good two hours before the IG was expected to arrive, the villagers had an idea of ​​his visit. By the time the officer entered the village, to my surprise, Deeda was as clean as a slate. Not even a gram of dope was found despite the raids being global and intense in nature. A peddler claimed the cops could do whatever they wanted but would continue to “serve society” by selling drugs. “We have been in this business for 60 years. We do not know of any other trade. What will we do if we stop our activity,” asked a villager. These people have a strong network of informants. The sense of camaraderie between them is also very strong. They continue to fight for loot, but when confronted by an outsider, in this case the cops, they display a strong sense of unity. “I came to Deeda just to see the village, what it looks like and to study how generations have been in the drug business. A few days later I became a drug addict,” one drug addict said earlier. Here, people are reluctant to worship in religious places. They have one God. And his name is Pablo Escobar, the legendary Colombian drug lord, who once said, “I’m a decent man. I only export flowers. In Deeda, there is an elephant in every living room. The problem is that they don’t want him to leave their place.

The Union Minister comes to call

A few weeks ago, Union Minister Meenakshi Lekhi came to call us. Yesterday, his colleague Arjun Ram Mehgwal, who holds the portfolio of parliamentary affairs and culture, was in town. He held a few meetings with BJP cadres. This is gaining importance as the party has been pushed to its limits following the prolonged absence of incumbent MP Sunny Deol. Later in the day, he chaired a review meeting of central government-sponsored social protection schemes. Normally, the incumbent MP chairs these meetings, but in Deol’s absence, Meghwal had to step into the actor’s shoes. Insiders say that since Deol will not challenge the 2024 polls, Meghwal was there to test the waters. He did and one thing that came out clearly is that the party will not be fielding celebrities. Deol has indeed turned the field upside down for the BJP. There were rumors that actress Kangana Ranaut might be asked by the high command to contest, but with the wind blowing firmly against a celebrity, the BJP think tank dropped her name. Moreover, local leaders have pointed out that Ranaut’s statements against Punjabi farmers during the protests against the three farm bills are sure to bring down the party. The guessing game is still on. ”

(Contributed by Ravi Dhaliwal)

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