The new Incline Village luxury condos will be inaugurated in the spring of 2022

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nevada – Incline Village will be home to the newest “Nine 47 Tahoe” housing condominium. The 40-unit condominium complex will be the first of its kind; modern luxury in a mountain town. The development will be located at the corner of Tahoe and Southwood Blvd. with a first pickaxe in the spring of 2022.

Newest development located at the corner of Tahoe and Southwood Blvd. will be the first of its kind in the area, offering a luxury condo experience in the relaxed mountain town of Incline Village.
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The project received a Will-Serve Letter for Water, Sanitary Sewer and Solid Waste Disposal Services from the Incline Village General Improvement District Board of Directors, which Chuck Butler said managing partner of Palomino Capital LLC, is a huge step forward for the project. Butler explained that the research and work with third parties leading to approval has been consistent in order to keep the environmental impact low and the contribution of communities a high priority.

“We don’t want to lose what Incline is,” Butler said. “So that’s really the approach we’ve taken. We read and listened a lot before launching the project.

Much of the reading came from the multiple housing reports that have been conducted in the basin, one of which includes the Washoe Tahoe Local Employee Housing Needs and Opportunities report. which was released by the Tahoe Prosperity Center in September 2021 and the Washoe County Tahoe Area Plan which was adopted by the county in January 2021 and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency in May 2021.

Reading these plans allowed Butler and his team to determine the best course of action for this development.

“What they’re trying to do is have a plan to manage traffic, workflow and resource usage and improve density,” Butler said. “When you have growth, which is not managed, you end up having unintended consequences with that. So part of that plot fits into that, where we can do more density. That’s consistent with the overall plan.

The condominiums are currently available for presale, ranging in price from $2.5M to approximately $7M. Butler said of the 40 condos, about 24 have already been booked, and the majority of people who have booked them are already residents of Incline.

“We found that people moved here for the lifestyle, but their options were limited,” Butler said. “It allows them to bring them back to the house they were hoping for. I think it will free up other accommodations as people move in.

There are 40 condos in total, half of which are already reserved for buyers. The expansive design will include beautiful courtyards perfect for the family or a relaxing afternoon outdoors.
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Butler emphasized that while these condos are not designed to solve the affordable housing crisis, the team is excited to explore more options in affordable housing in the future.

“We think we can do projects like this in different places,” Butler said. “We will pursue this.”

Nine 47 residences range from two to four bedrooms and Penthouse units, with optional furniture packages and a long list of amenities that would delight everyone. Attractive features of the two-acre development include a reserved parking garage, a roof terrace with beautiful views, and direct community access with a convenient location.

Panoramic rooftop views from the condos will give owners a 360 degree view of the Sierras.
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The development will be integrated with bike paths and hiking trails in a safe manner, and the team continues to do traffic studies to maximize safety not only for Nine 47 residents, but for all members of the community.

The team plans to start work around May or June 2022, with construction taking around 18 to 20 months.

“There’s a lot going on,” Butler said. “We need to make sure everything is consistent and approved by the cities we use…and ultimately the county at TRPA.”

Butler and his team are excited to continue working on the project while keeping an open line of communication with the community.

There will be a neighborhood meeting from 5:30-6:30 p.m. hosted at the Chateau at Incline Village. Community members are encouraged to come forward and ask questions about the upcoming project.

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