The “House of the Mouse!” The CCP’s gala to raise funds for locker rooms


The CCP’s Disney Gala to raise money for locker rooms

“House of the mouse!” »Prime ministers November 19

Capital City Productions invites the public to “join their jamboree” by revisiting Disney favorites for a one-night fundraising gala for the theater.

CCP artists will present its founder’s cabaret “House of Mouse! At 6 p.m. on November 19 at the Theater, 719 Wicker Lane. A silent auction with prizes and a prime rib dinner will be included in the event, and all proceeds will go towards finishing the actors’ boxes at the theater.

CCP founder Rob Crouse said the theater is ‘putting the ritz’ for this VIP treatment fundraiser: Chef Ryan Davis, of Argyle Catering Company, will serve a full dinner of prime rib and alcoholic libations will be served to guests throughout the evening. . The choice to go with a nostalgic theme was a no-brainer: not only are the songs easily recognizable, but families can all come to the show together.

“We all love Disney; it’s great entertainment for everyone in the family, ”Crouse said of the play, which is rated G for all audiences. “It’s going to bring a lot of joy and smiles to people’s faces to hear some of their Disney favorites.”

“House of the mouse!” Will feature classic songs from “Mary Poppins”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Newsies” and more. Back on stage after the recent theater production “Spotlight on Broadway!” Will be Steve Kretzer, Da’Mia Day and Ben Miller, along with other CCP returns Tori Stepanek, Josh Lehto, Melinda Peak, Steve Kretzer, Michael Brand, Jana and Jaelie Botts, Cole Riney, Danielle Simpson, MiCrystal Day, Natalie Eickoff, Wyatt Logan, Sue Logston, Curtis Sudduth and Taylor Sinclair.

“It’s an important show for us,” Crouse said, “and it will be a fabulous night.”

Additionally, a silent auction will be held throughout the night, which CPC Chairman Nate Gray was in charge of, including gift baskets, baked goods, and autographed photos of Broadway and Hollywood stars. legends of sport. Items being auctioned include two tickets to the Broadway production of “Mean Girls,” autographed photos by actor Jeremy Jordan and former athletes George Brett and Bo Jackson, to name a few.

Gray said a portion of the productions normally go to arts organizations, but this is a production for which the funds will go directly to the CCP. The funds will go to building walls, installing lights, laying floors. and put tables and mirrors in the locker rooms for women and men. He said the renovations would look like a “Murphy bed style,” with desks that can fold up and be stored for multiple uses of each room. Thus, when the time comes, a room can serve as a dressing room one evening, then a rehearsal room the next day.

“The judicious use of our space has been well thought out,” said Gray.

The actors were excited to have completed the boxes in order to keep the magic of a production alive. Artist Steve Kretzer said that due to lack of facilities, actors have to use the main hall washroom for makeup or counter space – he hopes having their own bedroom can provide space. to actors and clients.

“We don’t want to spoil the illusion of the theater by meeting people in costume or taking up space in a stall,” Kretzer said. “All around, it benefits not only the actors by giving them space, but also the patrons. “

Sue Logston, longtime actress with CCP, said she liked the proximity to the theater – “every show you have a different family,” she said – but having that designated space for the actors to prepare. will give the whole team the right backstage room.

“In fact, having dedicated rooms for this will be so nice, kind of like saying ‘here we are, this is our space’,” Logston said, adding that it would prevent them from taking over the costume room for them. warm-ups. “We are one step closer to the theater we want to be. “

Although this is their first year of fundraising for the Founder’s Cabaret, Crouse hopes it becomes an annual tradition. Gray said they hope to reach $ 18,000 to $ 20,000 in fundraising this year.

The CCP no longer requires guests to wear masks, but hand sanitizer will be available throughout the theater and temperatures will be taken at the door. The spaces are also sprayed and disinfected between performances.

The doors open for “House of Mouse!” at 6 p.m., with dinner served at 6:30 p.m. and show at 7:30 p.m. [email protected] There are now paper tickets issued, which will be scanned before entering the auditorium, and seats are assigned by the customer at the time of purchase.

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