Shops and offices destroyed by a fire that ravages the Computer Village in Lagos

Millions of naira of goods were destroyed Monday morning in a fire in the Ikeja IT village in Lagos state.

State police confirmed the incident and added that no lives were lost in Monday’s hell that happened on Otigba Street.

Nigerian Tribune concluded that the fire that started very early even before some stores and offices in the building opened was quickly put out by firefighters.

The damaged building, popularly known as 9 Square, houses the offices of Spectrum and others as well as a few stores.

A trader who spoke to the Nigerian Tribune on condition of anonymity said the cause of the fire had not yet been determined.

The trader also added that the fire was extinguished before many of them arrived on Monday.

State Police Command Image Creator Adekunle Ajisebutu said: “There was a fire at 18 Otigba Street, Computer Village, Ikeja in the early hours of today. The fire ravaged a shopping complex.

“Upon receipt of the report, the firefighters were contacted and they arrived immediately.”

He also said that “police officers have been enlisted there to protect firefighters and others.

“The fire was successfully extinguished. No life was lost in the incident. However, valuable assets whose estimates are not yet known have been destroyed.


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fire ravages the IT Village | a fire ravages the IT Village | a fire ravages the IT village

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