Return from the visit of Volcano Village Art Hui

The annual Hui Volcano Village Artist Studio Tour and Sale is back, albeit in a slightly modified form. Over Thanksgiving weekend, three studio locations will be open during regular hours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday through Sunday.

These include Margaret Barnaby (woodcuts) in her studio with Mike and Misato Mortara (mouth-blown art glass) and Lisa Louise Adams (quilts, jars, watercolors, books) and Ira Ono (gifts and exquisite treasures) at Volcano Garden Arts.

Emily Herb (pottery and sculptural clay vessels) with guest artist Joan Yoshioka (natural paintings, prints and maps) will present their work at 2400 Fahrenheit Glass Studio. Erik Wold (high heat pottery), Chiu Leong (porcelain and tea), Elizabeth Miller (paintings and prints) and Ricia Shema (vintage silk) can be reached through their websites for online sales or studio appointments. .

Pam Barton and Zeke Israel have chosen not to participate this year. All Hui members continue to make art and look forward to the time when our annual studio tour and sale can continue as before the pandemic, hopefully in 2022.

Please see Hui website for information and maps. COVID protocols will be observed in all open studios, including masking, hand sanitizing and social distancing.

For a less crowded and more relaxed shopping experience, consider attending on Saturday or Sunday. The Hui would like to thank our community for their continued understanding and support. For more information, visit

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