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WARREN – Residents living on and around Aris Street NW raised concerns with City Council this week about a residential salvage home set to open in the neighborhood.

But city officials say that as long as the rules are followed, little can be done to stop it.

“I am upset,” said Janice Franklin. “My daughter lives on this street, and there are a lot of old people who have lived there for many years.”

Franklin said the residential salvage home at 3022 Aris St. NW has not opened and is undergoing renovations.

Still, neighborhood residents expressed concern at Wednesday’s city council meeting about what could happen if the halfway house is allowed to open.

Cecil Haynes, 67, 3008 Aris St., said he lived next door to the property. He expressed concern about the interactions his clients might have with his visiting grandchildren and wondered if having the facility in the area would reduce neighborhood property values.

“We have the right to know that they are in this residential area”, said Haynes. “To me, it’s like a business, and it shouldn’t be in a residential area.”

“We pay our taxes” said Haynes. “We should be able to feel safe in our homes.”

Haynes fears that clients of the house will come to his house by mistake and confront his grandchildren.

“If we have someone overdose in my backyard and my grandchildren see the body, it will negatively affect them for life,” he said. “We should know if a halfway house opens before people start moving into a house in a residential area.”


Councilor Ronald White, D-7th Ward, said he only recently started hearing complaints about the house.

“As council members, we should be notified when something like this happens in our neighborhoods,” said White. “I plan to speak with the owner in the next few days.”

White said no one lived in the residence.

According to the Trumbull County Auditor’s Office website, 3022 Aris St. NW was sold to Andrew and Teresa Crew of Newton Falls on Feb. 8, 2022, for $55,100.

The Tribune Chronicle’s efforts to reach Teresa Crew were unsuccessful.


Warren Law director Enzo Cantalamessa explained that the city fought against other residential reformatories that opened in the city and lost those battles.

Cantalamessa said they had the right to operate under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The city cannot pass any law that would prevent the organization from providing services under the ADA.

Although operators have the right to provide housing under the ADA, Cantalamessa said residents concerned about how their operations should call the city if laws are broken, including housing code violations or a nuisance due to loud parties and the police, or because ambulances are repeatedly called for overdose treatments.

“They can’t break the laws that all other residents must follow,” said Cantalamessa.

Deputy Director of Health John May said if the business houses multiple people, the city can require it to follow the same regulations that operators of other rental properties require.

“We can inspect properties to make sure they meet housing and tenancy codes that all landlords are required to follow,” said May. “That wouldn’t identify them as a residential reformatory.”

Seven or eight salvage houses are within the city limits. May was unable to identify the locations of the homes due to federal regulations that ensure client privacy.

Security Service Director Eddie Colbert said his office was unaware the salvage home was opening in the neighborhood.

Colbert said most of the other salvage homes in town operate in a way that most people would approve of.

“There is a salvage home that has been in this neighborhood for many years,” Colbert said. “However, because he’s doing everything the right way, most people don’t know he’s there.”

Colbert noted that people deserve a second chance at life.

“If companies aren’t asking for federal or state funds for treating their customers, they don’t have to identify themselves,” Colbert said.

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