Q&A for Candidates: United States House, District 5


Responses to the Wisconsin State Journal Candidate Questionnaire. The election is November 8. Incumbent Republican Scott Fitzgerald did not respond.

Van Somer

Mike Van Someren

Family: wife Renee; daughters Mackenzie and Kennedy

Use: Lawyer at Davis & Kuelthau

Before elected mandate: None

Other public service Board Member, ArtWorks of Milwaukee Inc., 2014-2016; Finance Committee Chairman, Presbyterian Church of Wauwatosa, 2015-2019, 2020-present; Waukesha County Habitat for Humanity, 2021-2022; Board Member, Veterans Community Foundation, 2020-present

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Education BA in History, UW-Madison, 2008; law degree from Marquette University School of Law, 2012

Campaign website mikevansomeren.com

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Questions and answers

Why are you the best candidate for this position?

My blue-collar education and my current job as a corporate lawyer help me understand the needs of workers and families, as well as employers. I’m looking for this job to really represent the district, not just the party bosses like the incumbent. I will tell voters what is happening in Washington, while working to solve the problems facing voters, rather than making excuses and looking for blame.

What is the most important issue of this election and how would you approach it?

Inflation is high now, partly because we lack competition. Vigorous competition lowers costs, raises job offers and wages, and drives innovation. I would revamp our antitrust laws for the modern economy and ensure that companies actually compete with each other. Fines for not competing would be based on the size of the business to ensure it is not just a cost of doing business.

How would you approach the country’s deficit and debt?

My main goal would be to protect middle-class taxpayers and make sure the ultra-rich, who often avoid paying the taxes they owe, pay their fair share. Next, the focus would be on eradicating fraud in government contracts and corporate subsidy programs in conjunction with antitrust enforcement. Finally, focus on increasing tax revenue through competition while maintaining an adequate safety net.

Should abortion be legal in all cases, illegal in all cases, or something in between? Explain.

I support the codification of the structure described in Roe v. Wade into federal law.

How should the federal government improve educational outcomes, particularly in the wake of the impact of the pandemic on student achievement?

Increase school district funding for facilities, programs, and teacher compensation. We should increase funding for two-year diploma and certificate programs, community colleges and apprenticeship programs, while emphasizing the importance of the skilled trades. The overemphasis on the four-year degree has left the United States with a shortage of much-needed skilled labor positions.

How should the federal government address the country’s labor challenges, in both the public and private sectors?

We need to make work easier and raise a family. Subsidize childcare and elder care so that workers can earn money from the wages they earn. Raise the minimum wage so the work actually pays the bills. We need a real path to citizenship for immigrants, and immigrants should be able to quickly navigate the system and start their lives here in the United States.

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