Proposed Luxury Condos for Golf Club Surroundings

Luxury condos are offered for Sand Creek. SUSAN HAUSER/photo

Three buildings containing up to 22 luxury condominiums are proposed to be constructed on 1.67 acres adjacent to Sand Creek Golf & Country Club in Chesterton.

Lawyer Gregory Babcock presented the plan at a preliminary hearing Thursday before the Chesterton Planning Advisory Board. The preliminary hearing will continue when the planning commission meets next month.

The former Sand Creek Country Club clubhouse building currently occupies the land on Sand Creek Drive. The owner, Lake Erie Land Company, had used the building as an office.

Babcock said the sale and development of the land would be subject to the city’s approval of the project. He said that is why they are now approaching the plan’s advisory board to answer potential questions.

David Faganel, who recently built luxury apartments in downtown Valparaiso, is the promoter. He said he would like the development to be “high-end”, priced between $400,000 and $700,000.

The development, which will be called “Morgan Lake,” would feature three-story buildings containing indoor garages.

“It would be a nice fit in the area. We would love the opportunity to come to Chesterton,” Faganel said.

For the project to move forward, Babcock said they would need to get a planned unit development deal. The project would also involve the relocation of an existing sewer line, which would involve property easements.

Commission members and city officials noted that there were a number of questions about the project,

Mark O’Dell, municipal engineer and building commissioner, said that “there are a lot of design issues to be resolved”.

Thomas Kopko, a member of the commission, expressed concern about the housing density, which would cover 67% of the property.

“It’s a lot on a small pitch,” Kopko said. “For me, it’s way, way, way too dense.”

Kopko said the other potential issue is the impact on stormwater drainage for this area.

Fellow Commission members Fred Owens and Dan Marchetti echoed Kopko’s concerns about housing density.

In other cases, Kenneth

Next month, J. Allen & Associates will hold a public hearing on its application for permission to transform a billboard on Ind. 49 into a “dynamic” electronic panel.

Allen and his new attorney, Todd Leeth, briefly appeared before the commission to make the request for a public hearing, which was granted.

The law firm is currently building offices on land in Coffee Creek Center. The Lake Erie Land Company owned the billboard before selling the property to Allen’s company.

Assistant City Attorney Chuck Parkinson had raised the question of whether the billboard was a permanent fixture. In 1997, the Board of Zoning Appeals granted the Lake Erie Land Company a waiver permitting the billboard, which was used to promote the development of Coffee Creek.

The Planning Advisory Board has also agreed to postpone a public hearing until next month for the six-home project on Michael Drive.

The reason for this is that the city and engineers hired by the developer, Thomas T. Roberts Trust, are having trouble locating water and sewer line connections for this area.

The location of the sewer line would dictate how homes could be built on the property. The Planning Advisory Board postponed a public hearing to the September meeting.

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