Problem in the civic body of Lalru House : The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Gaurav Kanthwal

Dera Bassi, September 2

Thirteen out of a total of 17 councilors in the Lalru City Council Chamber submitted a letter to Executive Officer (EO) Rajesh Sharma requesting a motion of no confidence against the Speaker of Congress MC Bindu Rana.

Among those who signed the letter are Senior Vice President Pawan Narang and Vice President Gurnam Singh of Congress. Eleven advisers are from Congress and two from SAD. Nine of them were present when the letter was delivered to the OE this morning.

The 17-member House has 15 Congressional and two SAD advisers.

Meanwhile, Bindu Rana said a majority of the advisers were with her. “Among the councilors who signed the letter of censure, many are under undue pressure from the government, including the police. If there is a lack of coordination, then it will be solved by sitting together. The motion of no confidence is a distant thing,” she said.

According to the EO, in view of the letter, the president should publish the agenda within 14 days and convene a meeting of councilors within 30 days.

A two-thirds majority is needed to remove the president, for whom 12 councilors are required. After the president is impeached, a simple majority is needed to elect a new president.

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