Pato reveals all: The sex hotel, the drug-fueled party that changed his life…

AAlexandre Pato was once the golden boy of European football, with AC Milan make an important move to bring him to Italy from Brazil. Now, after a career that has seen as much off-pitch publicity as success, the Brazilian has finally told his side of the story.

After enjoying a career renaissance with Strong>Orlando City in MLS, where he partnered well with Nani, pato has greater clarity on the events that may have prevented him from reaching his potential with the Rossoneri.

“I know what you’re thinking, I’ve been hearing it for 10 years” pato wrote on The Players’ Tribune.

“What happened to pato? Why has he pato not win the Ballon d’Or? Why was pato still hurt?

“I should have answered those questions a long time ago, man.

“There were so many rumours, especially in Milano. I partied too much, I had no desire, I lived in an imaginary world… really, I was just a kid.

“Did I party a lot? Not as much as they would have you believe.”

As has been the case with a number of columns written by footballers on The Players’ Tribune, pato sought to correct some of the beliefs others have about his career.

“So I think it’s time to put things back together, I’m 32 now, I’m happy, I’m fit and I’m not bitter about anything or anyone,” he continued.

“The first thing you have to understand is that I left the house very early, maybe too soon.

“The big day arrives and we leave for the trial at International, the chance of a lifetime, we get there and my father realizes that he can’t afford a real hotel, what does he do? He checks us into a sex hotel.”

Choosing AC Milan over Barcelona and Real Madrid

This lawsuit however worked and when pato eventually left Brazil after winning the Club World Cup with Internationalhe had his choice of European clubs, but he chose AC Milan on the two giants of LaLiga Santander.

“After that, I could have gone to Barcelona, Ajax, real Madrid“, did he declare.

“Why Milano? Well, let me ask you a question in return. Have you ever played with this Milano team on the PlayStation?

“They were unreal!! kaka, Seedorf, pirlo, Maldini, Nesta, Gattuso, Shevchenkothey had just won the Champions League, Milano were the team at the time. I was like, when’s the next flight?

Carlo Ancelotti led me into the dining room ‘It’s pato, our new striker’, everyone stood up to shake my hand. All. Single. Ronaldo, kaka, Seedorf… WOW.”

Success went to Pato’s head

As is the case with many young talents, the immediate success in Milan left the Brazilian feeling like he had reached the top.

“I loved the attention, I wanted people to talk about me, but you know what happened? I started dreaming too much, my imagination was taking me to all kinds of places,” said he continued.

“In my head, I already had the Ballon d’Or. It’s very hard not to be touched, besides I had suffered like hell to get there. Why shouldn’t I take advantage of it?”

“Then in 2010 I started injuring myself all the time. I lost confidence in my own body, I was afraid of what people would say about me, I would go to training thinking that I couldn’t hurt myself and if I did hurt him I wouldn’t tell anyone.

“I also took a wrong turn. After my stay in China, I was still single, so I decided to enjoy my freedom.

“I went to Los Angeles. I wanted the best hotel, the best car, the best parties. I found myself in this place where a girl was snorting coke right next to me. Suddenly, I was like: ” What am I doing here ?”

“It wasn’t what I wanted. It was an empty world. I asked a friend, ‘Am I really going to spend the rest of my life alone?'”

At the moment, pato changed his ways and met an old friend Rebeccawho is now his wife.

“Since then, I’ve been living in a different reality,” he said.

“But these things happen in God’s time. I only live for today. The rest is up to Him.”

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