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Put the security plan in place

Regardless of what one’s job entails in a given workplace, one should always be aware of potential hazards in the immediate vicinity. If the elevated highway project supervisors had kept this in mind, the unexpected power outage that occurred in most parts of Ludhiana a few days ago would not have left the townspeople sweating. and gnaw. Every construction project should have a safety plan in place. At all times, a competent person capable of detecting potential dangers must be present on the site. Excavation must be carried out in such a way as not to disturb underground utilities.

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Consult before starting work

To make Ludhiana a smart city, all electrical wires are laid underground. Wires hanging out in the open give a shabby look. It is therefore a welcome step. It will also ensure the uninterrupted supply of electricity to residents. Other city departments may need to dig up the land for some landscaping. But when they start digging, care must be taken to ensure that the underground cables laid by the Electricity Department are not damaged, which would lead to interruptions in the power supply to residents. All the departments of an area must consult each other for the various activities to be undertaken by them for the development of the city. To avoid such a situation which has been observed in the city recently after earthworks were carried out for the construction of an elevated highway project, all departments involved should ensure that no excavation drills at the ground is undertaken anywhere without consulting the PSPCL. The PSPCL is responsible for the city’s electricity supply and any excavation work should only be carried out if authorized by the electricity department.

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Warn wandering officials

It was pure negligence on the part of the company engaged in the construction of the elevated highway. He must have obtained the wiring plan from the companies concerned before starting the digging process. It’s really unprofessional of them to start the digging process without having a good knowledge of the wiring layout. The company concerned should investigate the matter and notify the responsible employees as their irresponsible behavior has resulted in heavy financial loss as well as harassment of residents. The contract should be reviewed and a clause for such errors added to it, so that in the future the company should deal with such issues.

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Plan routes for underground pipes and cables before work

When local or state governments award a project to a company to build bridges or other structures, it must be based on predefined terms and conditions. Companies must have a proper layout of underground water pipes and electrical cables. The company that obtains a project must carry out the task of digging under the supervision of civil engineers. Contracts should not be awarded to untrained subcontractors. If a company repeats the same mistake, it should be heavily fined for the same.

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Take all security measures during the execution of the work

Electrical cables are often damaged due to careless digging by contractors during the construction of elevated projects and other small projects. As a result, residents face many inconveniences as apart from power outages, they also bear the brunt of water supply disruptions, hot weather and mosquitoes. NHAI, PSPCL and MC officials should coordinate when performing work at various sites to eliminate any damage to electrical and other cables. At the construction site, a sign should be posted showing the name and other contact details of the contractor carrying out the work. It should be ensured that the contractor takes all safety measures when carrying out the work. The measurement books (MB) must be completed on site by the relevant officials of the MC on a daily basis to maintain transparency in the execution of the work.

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Use modern methods for the works

Construction works are necessary not only for solid infrastructure but also for the comfort of the public. It is absolutely necessary to undertake such work in a planned and systematic way. Modern techniques and methods should be introduced through which construction work can be carried out without power interruption. The financial loss of the PSPCL is difficult to compensate. In addition, the work must be carried out at night. Alternative arrangements must be made to ensure the supply of electricity to the public, in the event of a power failure. After making the appropriate arrangements, power cuts must be announced by the authorities.

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Undertake work under the supervision of experts

There is an urgent need for good planning before carrying out any digging work for the construction of overpasses or other projects. Companies must be informed in advance of the underground propagation of cables and water pipes. The digging process should be initiated under the supervision of some experts. Appropriate precautions should be taken when digging in a prime location. Both sides of dig site roads must be covered.

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Fix the liability of officials

The reckless digging for the construction of an elevated highway project the other day not only left most parts of Ludhiana without power supply for more than 13 hours, but also caused heavy financial losses to the PSPCL. Alternative arrangements should be made available in such situations. Industries also suffered huge losses due to the 1 p.m. power supply shutdown. To avoid such acts of negligence in the future, it is necessary to fix liability in such contracts with appropriate terms and conditions. This construction work should be undertaken on weekends and prescribed fixed working hours. The district administration should form a committee which should investigate the matter and take appropriate action against those responsible for the negligence. Construction work must be time-limited so that citizens and commuters cannot be harassed.

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Good planning, execution of the necessary works

Ludhiana has an excellent route and flyover system. More and more flyovers and elevated highways are being built to smooth traffic and avoid traffic jams while traveling through various parts of the city. Although this decision would contribute to the development of the city, the reckless digging for the construction of an elevated highway project not only left most areas of Ludhiana without power supply for more than 13 hours, but also caused heavy financial losses to the PSPCL. The planning and execution of a project must be done properly to avoid such an act of negligence in the future. The plan should be practical and systematic and problems that might arise during the start of work should be identified and solutions should be found to resolve them.

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Study the details before starting work

The negligent digging by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) construction agency for the execution of the elevated road project had recently damaged the main underground power cable on Ferozepur Road which led to power failure of 1 p.m. in many areas. from the city. The building agency did not coordinate with the PSPCL to prevent damage to the power cable. To avoid such errors, the agency or companies concerned should obtain all the information about the underground electric cables in the particular area and take safety measures before undertaking any digging work.

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MPs must work diligently on projects

It is encouraging to note that the newly elected deputies have shown interest in addressing current issues in the district. But validation of intent can only happen when words are translated into action. For starters, all elected deputies are required to work diligently on all unfinished infrastructure projects in the district.



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