Mining vehicles damage roads in Moga village, villagers protest : The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Moga, April 2

Residents of Dholewala, Kannianwala, Sherpur Taiba, Bagge and its neighboring villages in Dharamkot subdivision of Moga district are protesting against mining contractors who allegedly damaged village link roads by driving overloaded trucks and dumpsters loaded with sand and other minor minerals.

On a few occasions, they preyed on mining contractors by stopping their vehicles and forcing them to take other routes.

However, the district administration took no action against overloaded vehicles, which were damaging rural infrastructure. Villagers alleged that heavy vehicles loaded with sand from the river belt were driving on the link roads at night against mining rules. According to the rules, no mining activity could be carried out on the river belts during the night. Residents Jhirmal Singh, Karaj Singh, Anoop Singh and Raman Singh of Kannian village, Jagjit Singh of Sherpur Khurd claimed that mining activities have suddenly increased in multiple ways over the past few days. All mining operations in the Sutlej were carried out at night, they claimed.

They claimed that mining contractors were carrying out indiscriminate mining activities on Sutlej belt in Pipli Mayani area of ​​Jalandhar district and a few places in Moga district. However, all heavy vehicles overloaded with sand were transporting sand through Moga district, causing damage to the local environment and infrastructure.

It can be mentioned that there was no route plan notified by the state government for the movement of trucks and dumpsters loaded with mining minerals, which made the rural link roads vulnerable to heavy vehicles. overloaded.

Meanwhile, a mining entrepreneur, Sumit Taneja, filed a complaint with the district magistrates of Jalandhar and Moga, alleging that residents were not allowing their vehicles to drive on the roads, causing him to suffer heavy losses.

Local BKU (Rajewal) activists have urged the state government to rebuild the roads damaged by heavy vehicles and stop the traffic of dump trucks with immediate effect.

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