Let Yourself Go: Photos from Mulletfest 2022 at the Chelmsford Hotel, Kurri Kurri | Yass Grandstand

There was a lot of business but a lot more partying at the annual Mulletfest at Kurri Kurri on Saturday.

The much-loved mule celebration took place at the Chelmsford Hotel, with COVID-19 restrictions eased just in time for attendees to really let loose.

The event started in 2018 to generate visits and interest in the town which had been hit hard by the mining downturn and the closure of the aluminum smelter in 2012.

But it’s since become a global phenomenon, with people traveling from far and wide to celebrate the classic 1980s hairstyle.

Participants competed in categories including everyday mullet, extreme mullet, ranga mullet, dirty mullet and vintage mullet. The junior mule crowns will be awarded on Sunday.

Need to know more about Mulletfest.  We got you - tap the photo.

Need to know more about Mulletfest. We got you – tap the photo.

Mulletfest 2022 has several categories of mullets including Junior, Adult, Redhead, Vintage, Beginner, Dirty, Extreme, Daily and International.

Festival founder Laura Johnson receives regular calls from international media throughout the year asking for her expert opinion on the much-maligned hairstyle.

Of course, the pandemic hit hard, but by 2020 Mulletfest had grown from a fringe attraction to 247 competitors from Australia, along with competitors from Canada, the United States and Norway.

Now it’s going on the road – in the country anyway.

The event will take place in multiple locations across NSW, Queensland, Northern Territory and Victoria from February to October.

This story 20 great photos from Mulletfest 2022 first appeared on Newcastle Herald.

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