La Salle Obtains Search Warrant for Hotel Kaskaskia – Shaw Local

The City of La Salle obtained a search warrant for the former Kaskaskia Hotel due to security concerns.

Concerns include broken windows, animals in the building and cracks in the facade of the building, according to a press release from the city of La Salle.

The city contacted CL Real Estate Development, the owners of the building, but received no response regarding a date to appraise the property. Because the concerns had been acknowledged by CL and had not been addressed, the city obtained a warrant. A third-party structural engineer was hired to work with building inspector Andy Bacidore and a member of the fire department to determine the condition of the building.

The Kaskaskia is the subject of a $30 million project to restore the historic six-story hotel in downtown La Salle. CL plans to renovate and restore the many rooms to upscale living spaces, the Ballroom, Wedgewood Room, Side Bar, and Second Street retail outlets, according to a CL press release.

The NewsTribune has contacted CL to comment on the news regarding the search warrant.

CL Chairman Nathan Watson said on Monday that the slow progress of the project was due to construction issues and complications in restoring an old building. The plans were to be implemented in June 2020, but due to the pandemic people stopped investing in hospitality projects and the renovation of Kaskaskia was put on hold.

Now CL has a new update regarding Kaskaskia’s progress. The company said it is committed to restoring the building and looks forward to the project’s completion in “the not too distant future”. CL also said the Illinois State Office of Historic Preservation announced that the Kaskaskia Project received $675,000 in state historic tax credits, which will help fund restoration.

The next steps in the hotel’s renovation are to replace storefronts along Second Street, followed by updates and restorations to the Marquette Street facade, according to CL. Further updates on the renovation plan are expected to be released in the coming months.

According to the City of La Salle, there have been years of inactivity and lack of renovation at the property since the project began the planning phase in 2004. Over time, the project’s lack of development has raised concerns about the physical condition of the property. building.

The city said it was offering incentives to encourage progress, including a redevelopment deal that expired in December 2020. According to the city’s press release, that deal cost money and labor. works for the city and its taxpayers.

While city officials have said they are committed to encouraging economic development in La Salle with projects, such as the Kaskaskia Hotel, their main goal is to keep the community safe. The search warrant is a proactive measure to ensure the building does not pose a threat to community safety, Bacidore said in the press release.

The city had a building collapse incident recently. In July 2021, a vacant tavern on the northeast corner of First and Tonti streets suddenly collapsed.

Watson said he will appear before La Salle City Council at the next meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, June 27 at La Salle City Hall, 745 Second St. He plans to explain a new approach to renovations and ask the board for feedback. .

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