How to avoid being scammed in Computer Village

Lagos is known to be one of the most populous states in Nigeria. People continue to bustle in and out of areas, local areas, markets, in particular. It is also perceived that to live in Lagos you need to be smart, intelligent and hardworking as “Lagos is not for the weak”.

There have been various stories of people being scammed and tricked out of their money, phones, and accessories. This is usually very common in the markets due to the huge crowds. This makes it easy for criminals to hide among real business owners to carry out their fraudulent deeds. They sell counterfeit products as genuine products, leaving many innocent people in emotional distress. Other criminal acts include pickpocketing, purse snatching, etc.

Computer Village is one of the biggest markets in Lagos where phones, laptops and other tech paraphernalia are sold and serviced. It is a favorite place for Lagos residents and people from other states to stock up on assorted gadgets and repairs.

To avoid being a victim of scammers in the Lagos markets, you will find in this article the precautionary measures to be taken.

1. Avoid going alone

This is a huge tip for you if you are a newbie to Lagos. Unlike other states, a beginner in Lagos can fall victim to scammers and scammers. This is why it is advisable to go to the market with a friend or relative. This will help you keep an eye on each other while shopping.

You can’t both fall victim to it without controlling each other.

2. Go during the day

Lagos is a busy place with traffic here and there. It could be dangerous to visit the market when you can no longer keep an eye on your surroundings. Going there during the day will help you see those around you clearly and will also help you scrutinize the goods you are buying.

Moreover, it would be a bit difficult for these malefactors to carry out their activities during the day except in the narrow corners where they cannot be caught. Additionally, walking at night can put you at risk from scammers and thugs.

To avoid falling victim to it, it is advisable to go to the market early so that you can leave early.

3. Do business with trusted suppliers and traders

Many people dress up as vendors and stay on the side of the road. These people can easily be untraceable when you find out that you have been scammed and duped. Be sure to visit shop owners and ignore roadside vendors.

4. Avoid carrying too much cash and accessories

The world is now more technologically advanced, so there is no need to carry excess cash around when you can easily transact electronically. The only money you should have with you should be for your transportation costs. If you go to the market to buy goods, you shouldn’t even consider keeping cash in your bag. Most stores now have POS machines for payment.

Using expensive accessories in the market can attract thugs and scammers. You can keep your matching phones in your bag throughout your shopping and use a secondary phone if you have one. All of this will drive them away from you in the market.

5. Carefully guard your belongings

After your life, the next thing to protect in Computer Village is your stuff. There have been cases of pickpockets using sharp objects to rip open people’s bags to get the contents without them knowing. This is because the market is usually too crowded and this allows them to carry out this criminal activity in silence.

6. Beware of exorbitant and ridiculous prices

“Awoof dey purge beautiful”. If you notice that certain goods are being sold to you at unreasonable prices, especially below the expected price, run.

The seller might be hatching a plan to steal your money and even the goods. You may be lucky enough to evolve with this, but it’s usually in rare cases.

A ridiculous discount could land you in a situation you didn’t anticipate.

7. Request for receipts

Its very important. Buying goods without a receipt can be very risky. Request for receipt after each transaction. Indeed, some Computer Village sellers exchange goods for counterfeit products when they are repackaged. You would not want to be the victim of such an ordeal. The best way to avoid this is to never leave without a valid receipt. You can go so far as to call the numbers on the receipt to make sure the call is supported by the seller.

Also, test everything you are going to buy before leaving the seller’s shop.

To avoid shedding quality tears after visiting this market or any other market in Lagos, use the tips listed above. I hope you found this useful.


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