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Charanjit Singh Teja

Amritsar, May 13

Eight residents, including the owner of the Grand Hotel, who were affected by the hotel’s digging work, filed complaints on Friday against affected officials and the owner of a building under construction here.

Now the DC has constituted an inquiry panel under the ADC Urban Development in this regard. The victims filed a written complaint with the CDA on Friday.

Complaint and counter-complaint

Due to the illegal construction activity carried out by Vijay Sharma, the Grand Hotel Amritsar building completely collapsed and major damage was caused to nearby houses. The whole incident happened due to the reckless and negligent act of the builder, who failed to follow the various rules and regulations. Sanjay Sharma, plaintiff

I followed all the rules. I got the land use change, NoCs from the fire wing, mines department and other government agencies. The government gave approval to dig 45 feet and I didn’t dig an inch deeper than approved. I have all the documents and I will submit them to the commission of inquiry. Vijay Sharma, owner of a building under construction

Residents as well as Sanjay Kumar, owner of the Grand Hotel, wrote in their complaint that Vijay Sharma started construction work about 4-5 days ago due to regular construction activities, which included digging up dirt at more than 15 meters deep causing further damage. to the hotel and surrounding buildings.

Officials speak

We have sent notices to both. The Grand Hotel building has been declared unsafe and we have sent them a notice. While the owner of the building under construction was also breaking the rules. The government approved his plan allowing him to dig 40 feet. Iqbalpreet Singh Randhawa, MTP

“The entire construction and digging work was carried out by Vijay Sharma beyond the permitted limit and beyond the approved plan which caused significant damage to our building and surrounding structures. We suffered great loss for our property as it was damaged and became uninhabitable and caused huge financial loss and mental trauma. It is requested that the sternest measures be taken immediately against Vijay Sharma,” the complaint read.

Meanwhile, the owner of the hotel under construction alleged that the Grand Hotel building was deliberately collapsed by its owner. The municipal planning wing of the Municipal Corporation had issued notices to the owner of the Grand Hotel to stop water seepage in the past.

Sharma alleged that the owner of the Grand Hotel was responsible for the buildings collapse. “He didn’t take good care of his building. The municipality declared his building dangerous and it was on the verge of collapse. However, questions are being raised over how the government approved the plan to dig a 40ft basement in the residential area. Randhawa said all of those questions would be answered before the inquiry panel, which would submit its report on Monday.

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