Hotel owner seeks help from Buhari and Lagos government in seizing property

The Managing Director of Suru Worldwide Nigeria Limited, Mr. Edward Akinlade has called on the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) as well as the Lagos State Government to step in to save his hotel business from collapse. .

The latest appeal, which follows a previous one, follows a recent discovery of the ongoing demolition and renovation of his property in the Opebi area of ​​Ikeja, Lagos, by some people who claimed to have bought it .

The said property which was a five-star hotel establishment, known as Best Western Hotel, was seized by Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON) on September 22, 2017, on a N13.5 billion loan facility by the deformed Oceanic Bank in 2006.

According to Mr. Akinlade, the call for intervention is necessitated by the latest developments at the installation. “Some people are currently doing construction work on the property and have destroyed the structure of the property even though it is still in dispute.”

Speaking to reporters on the situation, he said he was drawing the attention of the President and the Lagos State government to what was happening because he discovered that the property was tampered with in such a way that she could pose a threat to society.

“I visited the property recently when someone told me that renovations were going on. What I saw there was a complete disruption of what it’s designed for. People destroy everything, including the pillars made to support the structure. The implication is that the building may collapse.

Unfortunately, the Lagos state government is still sending me messages regarding the installation even though I don’t know who is doing the renovation.

“The Lagos State government came and put a seal on the property and they wrote to me asking for an explanation. During the implementation, those who carried out the construction work did not obtain permission from the state government.

“I am therefore using this medium to tell the world, the Federal Government and Lagos State that my company, Suru Worldwide Nigeria Limited is not in charge of the works and should not be held liable in the event of any .”

Akinlade, further said, “Apart from the fact that the property has lost value, the people who are currently working there have destroyed the structure and I fear what they are doing will affect the building and possibly cause it to s ‘collapse.

“I have to make this call to save myself in case of anything. I’m worried because the state government keeps passing me documents regarding the property even though I don’t know who is doing the work there.

When asked why he was unaware of the transfer of ownership or otherwise, he said that as far as he was concerned, the matter of litigation was currently before the Supreme Court, adding that he expected that AMCON at least respects the court or even informs it in writing. if he has rented the property.

“It is of grave concern to me that while I am doing everything to resolve this matter, AMCON management is ready to take over ownership by force. Why can’t they just wait for the Supreme Court to issue a ruling? final on the matter before moving forward to sell it if the court grants them ownership?

“This show of impunity by a government agency created to support corporate growth and stability is counterproductive.

“However, it is important to emphasize that if nothing is done and the unexpected happens, no one should hold me responsible.”

Meanwhile, in a Supreme Court document, titled APPEAL/SC/NO/1098/19, dated May 19, 2022, the law firm Layi Babatunde, (SAN) and Co, filed an appeal against AMCON in name of Suru Worldwide Nigeria Limited.

Although no date has been set for the hearing of the case, the plaintiff, Suru Worldwide, is seeking an “interlocutory injunction order restraining AMCON or its agent from removing or tampering with the disputed property.


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