Group lobbying for the incorporation of Incline Village

A group is lobbying for Incline Village to become an incorporated town.
Miranda Jacobson/Tahoe Daily Tribune

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nevada – The Village League to Save Incline Assets recently announced an effort to create a new municipal government for the Incline Village and Crystal Bay area and is seeking community input for the project, according to a recent website launched.

Moving from an unincorporated improvement district to incorporating as a city would allow residents to better control local issues that have become more pressing in the community, including housing and short-term rental issues , lack of parking and transportation problems. , land use and zoning issues, and the need to improve other public services.

Washoe County District 1 Commissioner Alexis Hill, who represents Incline Village, is curious to see how the process will unfold, but ultimately supports anything that supports his district and Washoe County as a whole.

“It’s the same as Sparks in Washoe County or Reno in Washoe County,” Commissioner Hill said. “[Incline Village] is still in Washoe County, they still receive services from Washoe County, but they have their own oversight on particular local issues.

The desire to incorporate as a town has been mooted in the past, but the Village League has announced that it is taking the first steps toward an incorporation vote by starting an official petition to hold the vote.

Once filed, the community will have “90 days to collect valid signatures from one-third of our registered voters in Incline Village and Crystal Bay,” according to the Town of Incline Village’s website.

Following approval of signatures for validity by Washoe County, the county and state are required to determine the financial viability of the proposal before holding one or more public hearings before the proposal reaches the Board of Commissioners of the Washoe County.

Regardless of their recommendation, an election would be scheduled so that only the voters of Incline Village and Crystal Bay could vote on whether or not to incorporate.

“They have to go through it to find out what the positives and negatives, mainly financial, would be,” Commissioner Hill said. “So I’m looking forward to seeing how this process unfolds.”

League President Todd Lowe, who was unavailable for an interview by the Tribune deadline, attended the Incline Village Crystal Bay Community Forum on Friday, July 15 to answer additional questions from the community.

“We’re still in discovery mode — what should be in the plan and what shouldn’t,” Lowe said. “We prefer to do things well rather than quickly. We can make Incline Village the best town in the country. If for some reason that doesn’t work, we can disincorporate and return to where we are.

The Town of Incline Village would be responsible for services currently run by Washoe County, including snow removal, police, court and constable, recently abolished by Washoe County Commissioners earlier this year, and other services .

Money allocated by Washoe County for these services may continue to be given to Incline Village, but control over how the funds are used would rest with the local government.

Additionally, agencies such as the Incline Village General Improvement District and the North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District will continue to operate in the community and work with the newly created local government.

The Village League began defending the interests of residents of Incline Village and Crystal Bay in 2003 when they fought and eventually won $100 million in reimbursement for excess property taxes illegally obtained by the County of Washoe.

It was discovered that residents of Incline Village pay 9.5% of all Washoe County property taxes, but make up only 2% of the county’s total population and own only 5.1% of all land parcels .

The Village League believes that through incorporation, the unique needs of the small community will be met.

“Our mission to help the community didn’t end when Washoe County began mailing the final round of $56 million property tax refund checks last year,” Lowe said on the City of Incline website. “The grievances we hear from members of our community have become too numerous, too frequent and too serious for us to sit idle. There’s no reason we’re not the best place to live in the United States. Incline Village and Crystal Bay need autonomy and control over our future.

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