Glencoe Restaurants to Pay Village to Use Public Space for Outdoor Dining Under ’22 License Plan – Chicago Tribune

Diners will continue to have a range of outdoor dining options this summer at Glencoe, but restaurants will operate under new procedures for this year.

On April 21, Village administrators approved a set of guidelines recommended by Village staff for downtown restaurants using spaces in public areas. These bylaws were created following a series of lengthy board discussions earlier in the year.

Under the 2022 plan, restaurants will have to pay a fee of $0.50 per square foot, per month, for the use of public spaces under a licensing agreement with the village.

Village officials estimated, for example, that Guildhall, a popular downtown restaurant, would pay between $500 and $600 per month under this fee structure.

In addition, the village is implementing a series of appearance and design guidelines, including the requirement for a crash barrier, the types of materials that can be used for catering structures, as well as rules on the use of colours, signage, heating and lighting.

Specifically, individual restaurants will be able to request up to three parking spaces for takeout orders with a total of 15 spaces in total.

Under this plan, a restaurant can have an individual parking space free of charge, for a fee of $25 per space for second and third places for breakfast and dinner and $75 for lunch.

“Recognizing that midday hours are typically the busiest times downtown, we would like to encourage wise use of spaces during this time,” said Deputy Village Manager Sharon Tanner.

All Board members endorsed the staff recommendation.

“I’m comfortable with your proposal,” said village chairman Howard Roin.

In a separate action at the board meeting, the trustees approved a license agreement with Guildhall for the use of on-street parking spaces for its parking structure.

Tanner told Pioneer Press in an email that the village is working with another owner’s request for outdoor dining for this year.

She added that licensing deals are for 2022 and administrators are expected to revisit applications next year.

Daniel I. Dorfman is a freelancer.

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