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Galway Bay Newsroom fm – A proposal calling for the removal of the mandatory ordering process for Greenway plans is expected to return to the Galway Council board agenda in February.

Loughrea Regional Councilor Ivan Canning, who presented the proposal, told the local authority that the compulsory acquisition of people’s land was foreign to Ireland and that it created bad will resulting in lack of progress in the development of greenways.

Maybe this is the Republican coming out in me, said Ivan Canning, as he called for an end to greenway purchase orders.

These orders give local authorities the power to acquire land even if the owners do not agree.

Councilor Canning referred to the time when England controlled this country and said binding orders were foreign to the way we lived in Ireland.

Councilor Tom Curran took a similar point of view, stating that these powers were reminders of the. the era of owners.

Road Services Director Derek Pender told the meeting news had just arrived of an agreement between a wide range of bodies – including farmer organizations on a code of practice regarding land for tracks. green. These included an upfront payment when a deal was made

Councilor Alistar McKinstry was against removing mandatory purchase orders because, he said, a person could delay good development for a very long time.

It was agreed to put Councilor Canning’s motion back on the agenda in February.

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