Fort Erie condos will have views of the Buffalo skyline

A 12-story, 230-unit condominium is planned for the former Keystone Kelly restaurant in Fort Erie, which will offer “fantastic” views of the Niagara River, Lake Erie and the Buffalo skyline.

Marketed as Discoverie, the project, estimated at $250 million, is proposed for 7 Central Ave., Garrison Road. Across the street is the Nexus Enrollment Center and Mather Arch Park.

The person behind the project is local developer Jeffrey Andrews, while Signature Communities will be the company building it.

Ray Rosettani, a longtime Niagara real estate agent with Re/Max and local representative marketing the development, recently posted a YouTube video describing the project, noting that it had been “in the works” for a few years.

“I was fortunate to be involved from day one, helping Cengar Developments secure, first, 7 Central, then eventually negotiate and expand it into the Duty Free (overflow) car park, which belonged to the Peace Bridge Authority,” Rosettani said.

“We have a real nice size site, which offers fantastic views. Obviously, the location of our development is phenomenal. It’s very, very close to the QEW…really close to Buffalo airport, Niagara Falls (NY) airport, all kinds of entertainment very, very close.”

He said the building will have a “stately” foyer/reception area for residents and their guests, as well as parking access.

A rooftop terrace will be above the eighth floor offering panoramic views of Buffalo, Rosettani said.

“We have rooms you can book on the roof for private functions, just go there to barbecue and hang out with friends and family,” he said. “We also have Discoverie Lanes, which is a bowling alley, and a wine bar, which will be for residents and your guests only.”

In an interview, Rosettani said there was “nothing” like this development in town.

“It will be the first of its kind, and I think it will pave the way for others to come,” he said. “I think a lot of people have always been afraid of, you hear it all over town, like, ‘This will never happen in Fort Erie.’ It’s time. There are outside investors who really believe in Fort Erie, especially in this place.

Rosettani said the original plan was for the developer to build a smaller, 80-unit building on the land that housed the former Keystone Kelly restaurant, which sat vacant for about 15 years.

“We had so much interest that Jeff said, ‘Why don’t we see if we can negotiate the parking lot behind.’

Rosettani said negotiations with the Peace Bridge Authority were successful and the size and scope of the project could be expanded.

He said only about 10 spaces were used as overflow parking for employees with the nearby Duty Free store, which has its own lot.

Rosettani said the development will also include commercial uses on the first floor, a meeting area on the second floor, a fitness center on the third floor and four floors of covered ground parking.

He said inaccurate information had been posted online about the development, including that the building would be directly on the water or that the motel behind the development would be demolished, which is not the case.

Rosettani said an exhibition hall to promote the development directly on site allows visitors to meet him or his team and interact with a touch screen showing 3D renderings of different areas of the future building, units and floor plans.

He said building and infrastructure permits will need to be obtained from the municipality, but “what they are offering and what they are doing has all been approved by the city.”

The plan is to begin construction next June, with completion by the end of 2025, early 2026.

Rosettani said he received “a lot of positive feedback” on the development, adding that the cost to purchase a unit will range from around $560,000 to $1 million.

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