Floods ransack village chief, leave thousands homeless in A’Ibom

NO less than 150 houses have been overrun by the floods while more than 1,000 residents have also been left homeless in Ikot Obio Atai, Itu Local Government Area of ​​Akwa Ibom State.

Nigerian Tribune found that the flood affected many adjacent streets in the community including Afaha Oku, Imo, Udo Usanga among others.

The flooding has also caused a ravine in Akpan Etong Street where some houses have collapsed and the area is a death trap for people living nearby.

It was further discovered that the palace of Ikot Obio Atai, Ete Idung Mkpong Okon Mkpong was submerged a few years ago which led the traditional ruler to flee and move to Udo Usanga Street where he built another house.

Speaking to the Nigerian Tribune, the member representing Itu State Constituency in the Akwa Ibom State Assembly, Hon. Kufre Edidem, who is also an indigene of Ikot Obio Atai, said stated that he was the Chairman of Itu Local Government Area during Godswill’s administration. Akpabio when the threat of flooding started.

He recalled that all the state government could do at the time was to refer him to the then Deputy Governor, who assisted National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) officials. to visit the village and share relief materials among the victims.

Edidem claimed that as a member of the state assembly, he took the state commissioner of environment and works to inspect the flood site.

He said he had forwarded the complaint to the state government, expressing hope that work at the flood site would be included in the Akwa Ibom state budget for 2023, “I am sure it will be in next year’s budget,” he said.

On why he had not brought the matter to the assembly under the matter of urgent public importance, Edidem said, “Do you want the thing on the agenda or do you want the problem solved? So if you want the problem solved is when you’re a legislator and you don’t have a good relationship with the executive and the executive doesn’t listen to you, that’s when you carry things on the floor of the house to attract the attention of the executive.

“But if the executive is already listening to you: the finance commissioner and the environment commissioner had come to areas submerged by flooding. They are working on next year’s budget and I want to say loud and clear that it has been incorporated into next year’s budget.


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