Dog park dedicated to Incline Village in danger (Opinion)

A small group of residents who perpetually oppose nearly all IVGID initiatives aimed at improving the lives and recreational opportunities of residents of the Incline Village/Crystal Bay community have decided to kill the proposal for a new dedicated dog park across from Incline High School.

This proposed dog park has the full support of the IVGID Board of Directors and, in a survey of residents, was identified by nearly 70% of respondents as a high priority for community plan initiatives. IVGID has applied to the US Forest Service for a Special Use Permit to develop a fenced-in dog park with amenities and wooded hiking trails on this property; Yet this small group of disgruntled people are doing everything they can to dissuade the Forest Service from approving the permit.

Disputes between dog owners and parents of children who engage in organized sports and other activities on the Village Green, and concerns about disturbance of spawning lake fish in adjacent streams, may eventually force the elimination of the use of off-leash dogs on the Green. The Village Green was only intended as a ‘temporary’ dog park from the outset almost twenty years ago

The group of curmudgeons who oppose a dedicated dog park on this property appear to oppose nearly all initiatives to improve existing facilities and develop new facilities for the benefit of IV/CB residents, such as upgrades at the recreation center that would provide much-needed recreational and social services. possibilities for young and old. They insist on making life difficult for IVGID employees; and the engagement of IVGID’s board and staff in endless disputes over the waste of time and money.

Despite the fact that several potential donors have already privately expressed their willingness to help fund the project; these perennial naysayers insist that IVGID not invest in a dog park in Incline Village. Others argue that better sites for the dog park should be considered, even though IVGID staff and the board have done their homework and determined that no other site is as suitable and sizable. sufficient to serve as a dog park, without eliminating the existing facilities. .

In order to preserve the potential of our new dog park, we must make it clear to the Forest Service that this small but vocal group is NOT representative of the feelings of the community as a whole. If you’re tired of digging dog poo into your kid’s soccer cleats; concerned about impacts to streams at the Village Green; frustrated that conflicting events closed the Green to off-leash dogs for several weeks during the summer; or tired of a small minority of nay-sayers standing in the way of improving our community: please email Karen Kuentz of the US Forest Service at [email protected] and let him know that you stand with the vast majority of residents who support IVGID’s Special Use Permit for a dog park at Incline.

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