developer wants downtown condos on Waco-owned property near 17th, Washington | Local government. and politics



Baucom said the city was asking him to include visuals and renderings in its proposal, and to detail how his business would benefit Waco.

“It looks like a decision will be made in about a month,” he said.

The Townhouse Hotel was located in the 1700 block on Washington Avenue until 2008, which it burned down and was demolished the following year.

City of Waco, provided

The city’s purchasing department said for confidentiality reasons it could not comment on either bidders other than to provide public information that appeared on the city’s website. city ​​after Friday’s 2pm deadline to submit a proposal. He said a committee made up of city employees would take note of them and could make a recommendation to be accepted by October 15. If he chooses to interview the developers, the process could take longer.

Records from the Texas Secretary of State’s office show that Community Catalyst — Waco LLC was registered on September 13 and that its registered agent is the local law firm Carpenter & Croft, which could not be reached on Friday evening. .

The Townhouse Hotel caught fire around midnight on October 24, 2008, in an alleged arson attack. The city obtained an order from the district court in November of the same year to demolish the building immediately and send the invoice to owner Banson Fan. The fire devastated an already controversial structure. That summer, District Judge Vicki Menard ordered Fan to demolish the building, but the owner said he was broke. The city issued civil fines of $ 1,000 per day.

The city then took possession of it to cover back taxes and costs associated with the demolition of what was left of the old building, which stood next to a busy economic establishment called the Townhouse Motel.


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