Clarendon Hills Village Council has a new trustee

Steve Tuttle, a Clarendon Hills resident for 27 years, was confirmed by village council on Monday to fill a vacancy on the council created with the departure of Carol Jorissen, who has resigned because a move to Hinsdale makes her ineligible for Continue.

Tuttle, 56, was recommended by Village Chairman Len Austin and will now serve the remainder of Jorissen’s term, which ends in April 2023. If he chooses, Tuttle can seek a four-year term from council of directors in next spring’s elections to the village board of directors.

“I haven’t decided yet if I will race next year, and I encourage anyone who is interested to race whether I do or not,” he said.

Village chairman Len Austin said he had spoken with Tuttle about considering running for the board in 2023. When Jorissen announced she was stepping down, it made sense for Austin to see if Tuttle was interested in filling the vacancy.

“It’s a perfect opportunity for him to come and get some experience and see how he likes it,” Austin said. “Based on Steve’s background, his long residency and my discussions with him, I am confident that he will serve the village well as an administrator. I was particularly impressed with his desire to provide a public service, which is in the best Clarendon Hills tradition.

With a possible interest in running in the 2023 election, Tuttle decided to accept the offer, as it is an opportunity to get off to a good start.

“It allows me to test the waters and see if I’m adding value to the board,” he said.

Tuttle said he believes he brings a clear and fresh vision to the board.

“I think I have a degree of anonymity, being from Blackhawk Heights and probably not many people know me,” he said. “I just want to do what’s best for the village, and I have no agenda.”

As to why he became interested in serving on the board after living in Clarendon Hills for the past 27 years, Tuttle said he thought the time was right.

“It’s a part of my life to step up and do things,” he said, adding that he previously volunteered at Notre Dame Parish and Académie Benet, where his two children had gone to high school.

Tuttle lives in the Blackhawk Heights neighborhood of the village, which is in the western part of Clarendon Hills.

“I moved to Blackhawk Heights because my boss at the time lived there,” Tuttle said.

Deputy Village Superintendent Zach Creer said that going back to at least 1996, Tuttle is the first member of the Village of Blackhawk Heights board of directors.

“To our knowledge, we’ve never had one,” Creer said.

Tuttle works as a manufacturing operations manager for a cable company.

Chuck Fieldman is a freelance journalist for Pioneer Press.

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