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There are no more appeals to make to save the Talisi hotel.

Owner Wylie Troupe and others have fought for years to save the hotel, but little progress has been made in the eyes of some city officials. Now, failure to appeal a ruling by Judge Sibley Reynolds of the 19th Alabama Circuit Court upholding Tallassee City Council’s statement that the hotel was a nuisance puts the ball back in the hands of the council .

“If we decide to demolish it, when it’s already half demolished, what should we do? asked board member Bill Godwin at a recent board meeting.

City attorney John Smith advised council to determine the cost of safely demolishing the hotel first.

“Then based on that information, you can make the decision to hire anyone to tear it down,” Smith said. “I think it’s probably in the best interest of the city to have offers to do it. The best thing to do is make an official bid for the demolition of this property.

It has been 12 years since a fire ravaged the building that some investors were trying to renovate. Troop acquired the building after a dissolution of the investment LLC renovating the building but work has been slow. Tallassee’s attorney, Mike Harper, represented Troupe over the past year as Troupe sought board approval for another extension to allow the renovation to continue.

“He put a whole new roof on it and new windows and was getting ready to do the renovations,” Harper said at a board meeting last year on behalf of Troupe.

But the wind damaged the roof before further renovations could take place and the damage was not covered by insurance.

Last year, board members said they were not happy with Troupe’s progress with the hotel.

“My problem is the following, we have repeatedly asked Mr. Troupe to come with his architect to tell us what his plans are. Tell us what you’re going to do, when you’re going to do it, and it hasn’t been done yet, ”board member Jeremy Taunton said at a board meeting last year. “It’s just going to go on and on and on. We will be back here next month, or in 30 days or in 60 days. I want to give someone the opportunity to fix a problem, but this problem has been going on since 2018, when we started this, not to mention the 12 years before that. “

Currently, some of the turn signals are moving with the wind. City employees have reported falling bricks from the structure in the past. The town’s animal control officer reported that a feral cat population had taken hold.

Some council members have emailed some residents over the past week asking for comment on the hotel and the likelihood that it has declined since the appeal deadline passed.

The city’s clean-up process for the hotel site would require the city to provide all necessary funds. The city could then charge Troop for the cleanup and then put a lien on the property if it doesn’t pay.

Smith believes the city is safe from legal action over the building’s demolition at this point.

“I have no doubts that all steps have been taken to declare this to be a nuisance,” Smith said. “It is obvious that the owner will not remedy the nuisance. I believe that under the law the city has the capacity to eliminate this nuisance.

The council has not set any timetable for the demolition or the tendering process.

The Tribune’s attempts to contact Troupe were unsuccessful.

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