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Jammu, March 2

The Union Home Ministry has given the green light to the administration of Jammu and Kashmir to form Village Defense Groups (VDGs) in the Union Territory, which were previously known as the name of Village Defense Committees (VDC).

In a letter on the “Revised Scheme of Village Defense Groups (VDG) to J&K”, the Home Office said: “In more vulnerable areas, people who will lead the Village Defense Groups will be paid 4 Rs 500 per month each and the other volunteers will be paid Rs 4,000 per month each The VDGs will operate under the direction of the SP/SSP of the district concerned.

He further states that the revised scheme will however only be brought into force after assessment by the High Court.

VDC members in Jammu Division had been agitating for a long time over the delay in publishing their salaries and several other issues.

On Tuesday, an 11-member J&K BJP delegation met with Union Home Minister Amit Shah and raised the long-pending issue.

“This will strengthen the security network in Jammu and Kashmir. A terrorist once admitted in an interview to being afraid of VDCs,” said Sunil Sharma, General Secretary of J&K BJP.

According to Sunil Sharma, “So far, many village defense committees have not functioned or have been dissolved. Many members of these committees resigned and surrendered their weapons. They did this to be registered for the benefits of the BPL category.

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  • The Union Home Ministry said the village advocacy groups will work under the SP/SSP of the relevant districts.
  • Those who lead such groups will receive Rs 4,500 and volunteers will receive Rs 4,000 per month.

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