Candidates wanted for village and township councils

No candidates filed for some races in the midterm elections in Dodge County.

At this stage, one village council and nine township councils are without candidates.

A local official is therefore encouraging people to file affidavits before October 28 to become candidates in writing.

The general election is set for Tuesday, November 8. Polling stations will open at 8 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.

Voters will find that many places on the ballot tell them to select three candidates, but there is only one, said Fred Mytty, Dodge County Clerk and Commissioner of Elections.

In many township races, the ballot says to vote for three people, but no one shows up.

“Laws have changed so that we no longer have to count written entries unless a candidate files an affidavit of written entry,” Mytty said.

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A person filing an affidavit will be able to get votes if voters write that candidate’s last name reasonably close to the correct spelling.

Although voters are being asked to vote for up to two nominees for the Village of Nickerson Board of Directors, no one filed a nomination.

Mytty said villages have a five-person council. If there are only two members left on the board, there is no majority so they cannot appoint someone.

According to state law, if there are vacancies in the offices of at least one-half of the members of a city council or village council, the Nebraska secretary of state shall call a municipal election. special to fill vacancies.

This can be costly for a village.

Various township councils in Dodge County also do not have filed documents.

So far, no one has asked to serve on the boards of the townships of Cotterell, Cuming, Logan, Nickerson, Pebble, Platte, Pleasant Valley, Union or Webster.

Those wishing to complete an affidavit can go to the county clerk’s office or receive one by fax, but the document must be notarized.

For more information, contact the Dodge County Clerk’s Office at 402-727-2767.

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