BJP backed at Chandigarh MC House meeting over ‘misunderstanding’: AAP advisers – Reuters

Tribune press service

Dushyant Singh Pundir

Chandigarh, May 5

The six councilors of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) today submitted their response to the show cause notice sent to them by the party for supporting the BJP during the Municipal Corporation House debates on April 30.

The city’s AAP official, Prem Garg, had sent show cause notices to Councilors Jaswinder Kaur (Ward Number 1), Suman Devi (Ward Number 4), Poonam (Ward Number 16), Taruna Mehta (Ward Number 18), Prem Lata (Ward No. 23) and Kuldeep Dhalor (Ward No. 26) for voting in favor of the agenda item on Road Sweeping Tender Award, with BJP Councilors , despite clear guidelines for voting against the agenda.

An AAP board member said councilors mentioned in their responses that the vote in favor of the agenda was the result of misunderstanding and confusion.

One of the councilors said the agenda item came to them on the night of April 29 and it was a case of miscommunication.

The official said the party’s responsible UT would take the final call on the response submitted by the councillors.

During the meeting, AAP Councilors divided over the additional agenda submitted to the House for information and approval of the award of a tender for the mechanized and manual sweeping of selected roads in the southern sectors to Lions Services Ltd.

AAP Councilor Yogesh Dhingra raised the fact that the supplementary agenda only reached councilors on Friday evening and that in such a situation a special meeting of the House should be called. BJP advisers were not ready, however. Finally, in the vote, a faction of AAP councilors supported the BJP and the resolution passed.

Mayor Sarabjit Kaur announced that 19 councilors voted in favor of the agenda and the BJP has only 13 councilors in the House.

The show cause notice stated that it had been made clear that all advisors should demand the postponement of this agenda so that AAP advisors could have time to go through the terms and conditions of the tender.

“Six councilors were found to vote in favor of the agenda along with other BJP councilors despite clear guidelines to vote against the agenda. This act of indiscipline is not acceptable and should be taken seriously by the party leadership,” Garg said.

He had asked them to send their response to the show cause notice to explain why they had voted in favor of the agenda.

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