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Ashland Hills Hotel & Suites plans to convert rooms in its suite building to studios

Ashland Hills Hotel & Suites plans to turn its suites into studios. [Mail Tribune/file photo]

Ashland Hills Hotel & Suites is awaiting approval to convert part of the hotel into apartments to meet local housing needs.

“We are still a hotel,” said general manager George Rogers. “We will simply allow long-term stays for some of our guests, if and when approved.”

Rogers said the hotel, located at 2525 Ashland St., made the decision because it felt it had to respond to the housing crisis.

The change of use application shows that the company wants to convert the building’s 72 rooms from hotel suites to residential studios.

Senior planner Derek Severson said he hasn’t seen a hotel submit a request like this in his 25 years with Ashland’s community development department.

“The housing crisis is probably having business owners looking for ways to respond,” Severson said.

The Community Development Department classifies this type of land use in binary terms, Severson said. Buildings offering stays of 30 days or less are essentially hotels; those that allow habitation beyond 30 days are essentially residential.

The hotel will decide time limits for studio guests if their request is approved. Long-term guests would also have access to hotel facilities, including the swimming pool, tennis courts, gym, on-site laundry, and picnic area.

Severson said the Community Development Department approved the staff-level request on June 24.

The only change to the hotel will allow residential occupancy in the former suite building. The hotel does not plan any changes to the exterior of the buildings, the parking lot or any other part of the property.

Suites may require additional building or construction permits to comply with codes required for long-term housing, Severson said.

Rogers did not comment on the interior renovations.

Severson said the request is pending until July 6. Until the close of business that day, the public can request an appeal of the ministry’s decision. If there is no call, Ashland Hills Hotel & Suites will have the option of offering long term occupancy on July 7th.

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