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ASHEVILLE, N.C. (AP) — A western North Carolina hotelier has won a State House primary after getting a vote in a manual recount, as previous tallies showed, as well as his fellow Republican rival, tied.

Pratik Bhakta won the GOP nomination on Friday against Sherry Higgins after the Buncombe County Board of Elections certified results in the 115th House District that gave Bhakta the most votes, Chief Electoral Officer Corinne said. Duncan.

The certification means Bhakta is set to face Democratic candidate Lindsey Prather in November’s general election.

Polling of in-person, traditional mail-in and provisional ballots for the May 17 primary had shown Bhakta and Higgins each with 3,145 votes, leading to a mandatory recount that began on Wednesday.

Deadlock remained when ballots were first run through counting machines, but manual recounting by a four-person team revealed a ballot in which the voter’s choice could not be clearly determined, Duncan said. The county council reviewed the ballot and decided it was a vote for Bhakta, she said.

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Had the election remained tied after the recount, Bhakta and Higgins would have gone into the runoff on July 26.

“We are grateful to everyone who came out to support, vote, volunteer and engage in the democratic process!” Bhakta said in a statement provided to media. “It really is the case that every vote counts.”

Higgins, a chartered accountant at Arden, said in a statement that while she was “obviously disappointed with the end result, I am beyond grateful for all the support I have received from the community during this election.”

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