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Sept. 29—MASSENA — Village administrators will vote in October on changes to their employee health care plan that they say will save both the village and individuals money.

In the current village regime, there are no individual or family franchises. The village pays $3,025,454 in annual bonuses for 119 employees.

As part of an Excellus Bronze 4 PPO plan presented by Zachary Zuckermanemployees would see a $7,500 deductible for singles and $15,000 franchise for families, both paid for by the village. The village would pay annual premiums of $1,738,641a decrease of 42.5%, according to the literature provided by Mr Zuckermanvice president of USI Insurance Services.

He said that during the meetings they discussed how best to use the savings of around 42.5%.

“What we’ve talked about in our meetings is whether we take that 43% savings and fully fund that employee deductible. If you have to use that deductible, we’ll pay it. We’ll pay that deductible in full. — $7,500,'” he said.

Employees currently pay $15 for a visit to the primary care office, $25 for a visit to a specialist practice, $25 for a walk-in/urgent care visit, $150 for an emergency room visit and $500 for a status of hospitalization in a hospital institution, among the co-payments. Under the proposed plan, they would have no copayments once the deductible is reached.

“These will go to zero, will be paid in full”, Mr Zuckerman said.

He said once authorized by employees, they will receive a direct deposit into their bank account, which can then be used to pay for medical expenses.

Mayor Gregory M. Paquin said current wording in collective agreements says they can switch to another insurance plan as long as it is equal to or better than the current plan.

“Would you be comfortable saying that the Bronze plan for one employee is actually better than our current plan?” He asked.

“It’s 100% covered” Mr Zuckerman said.

“So now the employees and retirees who are there as well won’t have any copayments. If they contribute a percentage, they’re going to go down. In fact, I was talking to one of our employees who was on the family plan who contributes 8% This person would save in the neighborhood of $1,500 per year, not counting the fact of no longer having franchises”, Mr Paquin said.

deputy mayor Matthew J. LeBire said he liked the proposal.

“I like that kind of approach. I think that’s how the Village needs to start looking at those kinds of expenses, in a creative way that doesn’t impact employees,” he said. “Yes, it’s different. Yes, there will be the reimbursement aspect. Education is key. That’s why we have people like you involved in this project. It gets creative. It gives the same level of benefits, but in a different way.”

“He ticks the boxes for me with three things,” Mr. Paquin added. “First, it must save the village money. It does. Second, it saves the employees money. It benefits them. It does. And the third thing is that we can legally “We can with the contracts in my opinion. It’s not to say that our unions are going to agree with us entirely. I understand that sometimes there are disagreements.

But, he said, in this case he thinks the unions would support the change.

“It’s going to take a bit of education for employees,” admin Francis J. Carvel said.

Mr Paquin said if they pass a resolution in October to move to the new plan, he would like to hold meetings for members of the bargaining units and their families.

“You want the spouses there to understand how it works, too,” he said.


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