Abandoned hotel in the project, condos for sale added to the mix

CUPERTINO – More than five years after gaining approval to renovate the Marina Plaza shopping center, the developers behind the project have returned to the drawing board and abandoned plans to build a hotel and apartments for rent.

In September 2016, Cupertino City Council authorized owner De Anza Venture LLC to build 23,000 square feet of shopping and dining, a 122-room hotel, and 188 housing units – 16 of which were below price. from the Market – in the Bandley Shopping Center. To drive. Most of the buildings in the center, including the main Marina Food grocery store, would be razed.

But after the DeAnza team resolved a series of challenges, including an easement issue with an adjacent landlord, the pandemic hit. This not only slowed everything down, but also brought down demand for new hotels. As a result, the development team decided to change course and scrap the hotel, according to project consultant Amy Chan.

“In order to at least have the pencil of the project, the property needed to rethink the project a bit more,” Chan said. “Right now, where we are, we are trying to convert the hotel site into a mixed-use site with housing upstairs and retail downstairs.”

The plans for the 188 rental units have also changed. Instead, Chan said, they plan to increase the number of homes to 206 and convert them into condos for sale – a move, she says, resulting in community members looking for more opportunities to home ownership.

“It will really transform this corner of Cupertino,” said project manager Greg Endom. “The current mall is old and tired, and I think what we’re talking about and what we’re hoping to bring to the city will really freshen up the area.”

The project team has also hired a new architect closer to the region: Larry Wang, president of Tectonic Builders Corp. Wang’s office is located in the mall.

“It has a much more connected sense of community, of what the community is looking for, of what city officials are sensitive to. And that was one of the few changes in our band that we consciously made to really focus on being local and catering to the local temperature of what everybody wants to see,” Endom said.

Since the plan has changed significantly since it was approved years ago, the revised version must be submitted to the city council for consideration. A date has not yet been set.

Mayor Darcy Paul said that while the move to condos for sale is not a “public policy decision” that all council members can agree with, he does support having more homes occupied by their owner in Cupertino.

“They help foster a sense of place and also stewardship,” he said.

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