A 16-year-old girl found dead, hidden in a wardrobe at the Bayelsa hotel

The corpse of a 16-year-old girl, Miss Nengi Enenimiete, was found dead and hidden in the wardrobe of a hotel on Twon Brass Island, Brass Local Government Area, Utah. Bayelsa State.

Nigerian Tribune reported that the corpse, which had started to give off a foul smell, was discovered by the hotel manager on Monday.

According to sources, upon inspection, the corpse of the deceased showed no signs of physical injury, mutilation or strangulation.

The natives of the Twon Brass community, however, demand an autopsy and the arrest of the mysterious guest who brought the deceased to the hotel and took her life.


It was discovered that the deceased was introduced on Saturday to the male guest who has not yet been identified by her friend. He would have stayed at the hotel and would have left alone on Sunday.

A source from the Twon Brass community explained that “when the manager arrived and checked out the room. He saw it was messed up and asked the cleaner to put it away for another guest. The cleaner did, but they noticed little water draining from another part of the room.

“While they were checking the room, they perceived a foul odor and started looking for the source. Later, they discovered the dead body of the deceased in the cupboard.

The deceased is believed to be a native of the Nembe/Brass local government area of ​​the state, while the girl identified as the link between her and the yet to be identified male guest was reportedly arrested.

Confirming the incident, Bayelsa Police Command spokesman Asinim Butswat said “on November 21, 2022, the manager of a hotel in Twon Brass, reported to Divisional Police Headquarters, Brass, that he had noticed a nauseating odor in one of the rooms at the hotel, during a search, he discovered the lifeless corpse of a woman hidden in a wardrobe.

“The deceased was later identified as 16-year-old Nengi Enenimiete ‘f’. Investigation is ongoing to identify the suspects who were staying in the hotel room the night of the incident. The body has been evacuated and taken to the morgue for autopsy. The investigation is ongoing.”

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